Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fishing Report--Appt. with Judge Ochoa

I promised to write about fly selection, and I will, but I thought you'd enjoy hearing about my brother's success fly fishing yesterday. I got a call about 10 am from Chip, who asked me, "Do you have a fire extinguisher on the boat?' I'm thinking, maybe there's a fire, but then I realized that if there was one, he'd probably be overboard rather than calling me on his cell phone. "There's one in the console...I think," I said. "Why do you ask," I added. "Because I'm talking to a couple of game wardens who want to see it." Well, I didn't hear from him for a couple of hours, so I called him to see what had happened. He was excited about the fly fishing, and told me that he and Art had caught several large reds--two oversized, in fact. It wasn't like my brother to ignore the obvious question about the game warden visit, so I had to ask, "What happened?" He said, "We got a ticket, but no big deal." I was impressed that he was able to enjoy the day without fretting over his upcoming visit to see Judge Benny Ochoa. If you can enjoy fly fishing more than worrying about the cost of your mistake, I would say...You're living well. What do you think?

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