Friday, July 6, 2012

Guiding ahead

I got back from California a few days ago where I was installed as President of the International Assn. for the Study of Dreams at the annual conference. It was a pretty stressful six days, with Board meetings, presentations, and constant conversations with conference attendees.  Julie and I went to the Bay the day after we got home, just to rest and switch gears.

We fished in Friday evening, and Saturday morning. The water was extremely high for June, probably due to the tropical system that was in the Gulf the previous week. Any time a topical storm or hurricane enters the Gulf, it pushes water to the west, and our tides go up a foot or more. Randy fished Friday morning and found a lot of fish on the far east side. Not knowing that he had fished there earlier in the day, Julie and I fished there that evening, and found only sheepshead and a couple of reds far to the east of the "shelf" which normally defines the Easternmost edge of fishable water during the summer.

I am heading to the Arroyo this afternoon. In the next three weeks, I will guide 16 days. Fortunately, Julie will be there to help me. I will be posting fishing reports whenever I'm where I can upload them. Stay tuned!

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