Friday, May 24, 2013

Extreme Birding

I have been guiding a lot lately, and this past weekend I had the privilege of guiding my old client Sam Fason from Austin for his 75th birthday. Our first day out was very windy--so what's new, right?-- but he did quite well considering. He landed two reds and two trout in weather conditions that kept most flyfishers in bed. At least that's where I assume they were, because they weren't on the water!

But the second day was phenomenal. We found birding in three different areas, and it was still "on" when we headed home at 4 pm.

I will be preparing a video of some of the best footage I've ever recorded of birding. I was able to video close-in groups of 20-30 reds tailing en mass and snapping at shrimp while laughing gulls were going nuts overhead, trying to intercept fleeing shrimp. It's a sight that few anglers have ever  witnessed, and so I look forward to putting this video together for all to see.

May has been expecially windy, so the clarity of the water has suffered. On Wednesday, though, the wind decreased to a mere 15 mph, which resulted in clear water everywhere. It was a fitting way to celebrate Sam's 75th year, and the eight reds he landed while wading attested to his angling prowess. He apologized for not doing better, which says something about the kind of day we had. I've never seen so many happy redfish tailing under happier gulls.

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