Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Digs

Julie and I have been moving our base of operations to Channelview Trailer Park. It's only 100 yards east of where were were, but wow, what a difference in what we're going to be able to do! The site just so happens to have a shed that we can use for sleepovers, fly tying, wine tasting, and general socializing. Our clients will be able to part outside the park, and launch from the private dock. So we won't be picking people up at the County Park anymore. And what's more, when we return to the dock, our clients will be able to have a beer and chew the fat with us. We've really been missing the socializing that I used to do when I had the lodge. So while we don't have sleeping accommodations onsite (but recommend Atascosa Outlook for that), our new digs will accommodate our clients' needs more thoroughly than in the past two years.

I have been tying flies in front of the TV, and dreaming of my new Stilt, which arrives next week. In fact, I'm going to see it this weekend at the San Antonio Boat Show, and then pick it up next week. My son Ryan and I have a date with big trout at Stover's Point, weather permitting just as soon as I get the Stilt in the water.

We're getting calls for this coming season. Don't hesitate if you know when you want to come. If Randy or I cannot guide you, we'll ask Rick Hartman, Roel Villanueva, or Jaime Lopez--all NewWater guides and "natives" of the Lower Laguna Madre. Guides who grew up on the water with their fathers, and remember the smell of dead shrimp and the noise of WWII surplus generators have a deeply embedded respect and love for this fishery. We all share this heritage. I hope you'll come share it with us.

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