Friday, January 1, 2016

Spring will be here soon!

Hi all, It's hard to believe it's already January! Winter down here is so brief that we've got about six weeks more of relatively cool weather before the trees start putting out their buds. Julie and I are plowing part of out back yard on Sunday (if it's not too muddy from this moisture!) and putting in wildflower seeds in the next week.

Last year was a rather difficult flyfishing year in several ways. First of all, we had a very wet and unstable spring that continued through May. Indeed, 2015 was one of our wettest years in recent history. The birding action (i.e. casting to tailing reds under gulls) wasn't as dramatic or as consistent as it usually is in the spring, and the birding we did have often featured more catfish than redfish under the gulls. Needless to say, every year is a new game, and there's no reason to believe that 2016 will resemble 2015 at all. We just have to "show up" and make the best of the conditions at hand.

Randy and I both experimented with having fly fishers stay at our trailers on the water. Since I also have a bunkhouse, it's possible to have some privacy while saving money at the same time. I will be continuing this offering into 2016. I can handle one or two guys (women would not take well to this set-up). The great thing about staying at the trailer is that you're on the water and ready to jump in the boat at day break, you can fish for trout under the lights, and you can prepare your own food either with me or by yourselves. I charge a modest fee for this lodging option. Otherwise, we're continuing to have a great relationship with Atascosa Outlook B&B and Ray Box, who owns a house on the Arroyo not far from our RV Park.

Another option is for you to rent the "other guy's" trailer. That is, when you fish with me, you could rent Randy's place, and have it entirely to yourselves. Or vice versa. In this scenario, your wive might like the setting, cost, and simplicity of being on the water near your guide's lodging and boat.

Give us some notice if you'd like to pursue one of these options, so we can plan on having the trailers set up for guests.

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