Thursday, July 26, 2018

Shifting to photography and videography

I will no longer be blogging here, but rather shifting to creating videos of flyfishing on the Lower Laguna. You can already view many of my videos on the Kingfisher site (published on Youtube or Vimeo), as well as articles that I have published in the past. I am planning to compile the articles into  a  new book, and once I do, the separate articles will be taken down from the Kingfisher site, so enjoy them while you can! 

Blogging about my latest discoveries is a sensitive issue for my fellow guides who depend more on making a living, or a part-time living from being "in the know." And, as the Laguna Madre becomes increasingly accessible to extremely high-tech shallow water boats, redfish and trout no longer enjoy sanctuaries from encroaching anglers. I rarely have these places to myself anymore, partly due to my willingness to write about them.

Just this past weekend, I discovered a new phenomenon is very shallow water that is likely to continue if no one messes with the fish. And a second phenomenon, which has been nonexistent of late has resurfaced in an unusual place. So what do I do? Shroud the truth, or remain silent? It takes too much effort to tell a half truth, so I'd rather not do it anymore.

I have always struggled between masking the truth (which does not come naturally to someone who is interested in helping others) and telling too much and making it unnecessary for my readers to do their own exploration. Finally, realizing that this dilemma underlies my resistance to making entries here, I am ceasing altogether. My commitment to videography has increased of late, however, with the purchase of new equipment. I look forward to "showing, not telling" from now on. We will announce the posting of new videos in the near future.

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