Sunday, October 30, 2011

Capt. Scott here...In the spirit of blogging on a regular basis, I want to encourage you to come down to fly fish in November, especially if you have flexible travel plans. The only problem with Autumn fishing is the impact of fresh cold fronts. If you can fish in between the fronts, which is pretty easy until mid-December when they start coming more frequently, you can enjoy halcyon days on the LLM, with some of the best birding action on the westside and sight casting on the sand that you can imagine.  Big trout action increases as the low tides of mid-December through February make them more visible in the gin-clear, vegetation-free water of winter time. Remember: Neither the reds nor the trout leave the bay in the winter; they just move in and out of the shallowest waters as the temperatures rise and fall. So don't rule out the fall and winter fishing. But neither should you make inflexible plans. Book on Southwest, and plan on rescheduling. That way, you can play the weather at a time when most people are playing cards. Of course, if you can drive down on short notice from central Texas, then you're really in control. The reds are fatter and larger, on average, through the winter.

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