Monday, September 25, 2017

Welcome to our new website at!

Hi all,

I've been quiet of recent months, but my son Ryan and I are gearing up to work together starting in 2018. We are now awaiting our new Stilt, and building our new website, meanwhile.

Randy Cawlfield and I continue to work closely together, but I decided to return to my own website, having built websites for 20 years now. It's a creative pursuit for me, and I wanted Randy and his son Truett to be able to do their own thing, as well. So Randy and Truett will continue to use the platform, while Ryan and I will use my other domain,

Ryan will be apprenticing with me in 2018, in preparation for taking his Coast Guard exam later in the year. It's our hope to work together a good bit in 2018, guiding single anglers together aboard our new Stilt.

While I am guiding less, I am pushing the envelope more. Indeed, this past year was a remarkable dream-like adventure into going even further beyond the usual boundaries of conventional flyfishing. Our more recent video was taken, for instance, a mile beyond where we usually think that it's too shallow for the redfish.

My goal in 2018 is to teaching the Master Flyfishing Instruction days, while teaching Ryan the secrets of the Lower Laguna Madre. He has flyfished with me since he put down his spin rod when we was 16, so he will be an exemptional guide, I am sure.

I will be getting off my duff and posting more often as we begin the 2018 fishing year. All methods end in silence, but I realize that you still need to hear from me :-)

Ryan will have his own blog on this site. As a Texas Master Naturalist, he has knowledge that few guides have. So if you're into smelling the roses, and identifying the birds you see on the Mother Lagoon, you'll enjoy his enthusiasm for what has become his home waters.

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